River Street Gets Facelift!

River Street, Savannah, GA. Home to a beautiful view of the Savannah River, and rich with about as colorful a history as it gets; but it's also been home to one of BGIE's very first stores.  For nearly 7 years, we've been bunkered down, in one form or another, inside the River Street Market Place, and the store's layout had virtually not changed in the last 5 years.

Well, we're all very excited to say that humble little store of ours finally got its first remodeling since 2012! Now granted, there wasn't necessarily anything wrong with the shop's design or layout, minus maybe needing a new coat of paint and a little elbow grease around the corners (I mean, hey, why fix what ain't broken). Even still, we all sat down and decided the ol' girl needed a little freshin' up. So we went to it designing and building a brand new layout from the top down! (Or, well, better put, Jr and Tolya went to it while we all watched)

Once it finally came time to bust out the hacksaws, grab the sledgehammers and load up the BGIE Fleet with the new cabinetry and such, it was all hands on deck! (Like, literally, everyone, even Russ and his bum leg) But you see, the thing about remodeling a shop in the Marketplace was that, absolutely, under no circumstance was there to be any building, moving, tearing down, or altering of the shop can occur while it's open to the public. So, unfortunately, if we wanted to get this build finished, it needed to happen while the Marketplace was closed...

Long story short, we finished the build and hauled off all the debris and were pulling out of there right at the crack of midnight, bruised, dirty, and exhausted, but not beaten! Check out this gallery to see the whole build from start the finish. And if you more inclined to watchin' them new fangled movin' pictures that are all the rage on the Youtubes, watch the video below for a cool little time lapse the whole build! Thank you and be sure to look us up and give our manager, Sam, a shout if you're ever in Savannah!