Game of Catan 3/8/17

Game of Catan (The 3rd)

It was unusually cold for a clear March morning here in the lowlands.  I found myself noticing the vibrant flowers in full bloom as their delicate peddles danced in the cool breeze.  An inviting scent drew me from my cabin to the vast fields of golden wheat and healthy grazing sheep.  All seems perfect for my bustling village as I sip my morning coffee and gaze upon the fruits of my labor.  My youngest son tugs on my pant leg and asks to have a catch, I simply smile and motion him to gather his ball and glove as I turn to my beautiful wife and blow her a kiss.

The sun rays peak through the window and gently awakens me from my slumber.  It was all a dream.  I stand on my shanty porch and look upon my desolate caverns of ore and brick.  I feel numb.  As I contemplate my bleak future at a small shanty settlement, my senses heighten as a familiar fragrance lofts into range.  With haste, I gather a large daypack, kiss my wife and kids goodbye, and head west in search of hope.  With limited supplies to work with I utilize my stronghold of ore and brick to trade with my neighbors in order to gather essentials.  Before I knew it I gathered enough supplies to build one road, then another, and in no time I have reached the promised land.  Just like my vision, two adjoining pastures of healthy sheep, adjoining to a golden meadow of flowing wheat are mine for the taking. 

Over the meadow I see a blue settlement, Kelly “Keller Williams” Williamson.  She appears to be heading in the same direction with intent on settling on my new found land.  A vision of my son looking up at me, beaming at the idea of running gleefully through our grassy fields came to mind as I clenched my fist and prepared for war.  I called upon my small shanty village to advance along the simple road to the west, leaving only a small settlement to tend to the ore and brick quarries.  Fate seemed to be working in my favor as my ore and brick quarries were providing well beyond expected this season and allowed me to trade my way to the necessary supplies needed to build my first settlement atop the grassy foothill.  Kelly settled far across the meadow and built a road parallel to mine, though the elements were not as plentiful on the far side. 

Meanwhile to the north, Sir Richard had the most prolific sheep pasture anyone has ever seen.  The legend of his meadow is told far and wide, and proves a threat to any potential rise of my own grassland.  I am left with no other option but to send a thief to his land to stifle his production.  With Sir Richards sheep yield at an all time low, I found myself gathering a stranglehold on multiple elements necessary for expansion.  All is fair in love and war. 

My new settlement proved fruitful, and with its abundant resources, organically drew hardworking and enthusiastic villagers to join our settlements.  My one-time modest shantytown has stretched into the longest unbroken road in all the land, including two bustling cities where my original two settlements once were, as well as two smaller hamlets on the coast serving as necessary ports to the outside world. 

Sunlight filters through the blinds as I slowly open my eyes.  I step out onto the porch of my lodge as the gentle morning sun warms my skin.  A smile comes to my face as I view my youngest son playing catch with his loving mother.  I catch her eye as she momentarily pauses from her game and blows me a kiss.

Sir Richard and his crew keep to themselves and are left with scattered villages to the north and enough wool to survive the harsh winters.  

Kelly and her loyal followers reside across the knoll and seem to be developing some sort of suburb situation.