Our Story

Best Gift Idea Ever began on Hilton Head Island, SC.  This is a story of one man and his camera, a tale of success, hardships, and letter art.  

Ryan Martz began BGIE in 2009 when he discovered unique objects in nature and architecture that resembled letters of the alphabet, fast forward a few short years and Best Gift Idea Ever has expanded from one small kiosk on the beach to over 15 locations across the east coast.  

Best Gift Idea Ever boasts the largest selection of high-quality letter art available!  With thousands of photographs taken all over the world paired with a wide variety of mats and frames to choose from, you can create personal and unique artwork to fit any home!  

Our photographs are professionally printed on 100 year Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper or Fuji equivalent. We use custom hard wood frames, premium glass, white core matting, and MDF backing board for an heirloom quality keep sake that will last!

Meet The Team

Ryan Martz.

Owner of Best Gift Idea Ever. After graduating from THE Ohio State University with a fancy double major degree, he chose to move to Hilton Head Island and take silly pictures of letters. Ryan's interests include: long walks on the beach, finger paintings of Gilbert Gottfried, and his post-modern stamp collection.

Ryan Lanzel.

Creative Director for Best Gift Idea Ever. "Ryan is the most handsome and talented person I know, by golly he's the best thing since sliced bread!" - Mom. Ryan's interests include: dancing like nobody is watching, beating Russ at ping-pong, learning life lessons from the last 3 minutes of Scrubs, and introducing the world to Candian Lumberjack Folk Music.

Madison Beard.

Director of Technology & Logistics for Best Gift Idea Ever. Madison distributes things like it's his job! Madison's interests include: playing twenty øne piløts for everybody in the room, looking at the sun, perfection.

Rick Seibel.

Master of Coin for Best Gift Idea Ever. Rick brings the ham to the party, with a side of ham. Rick's interests include: slam-jamming, ham and ham accessories, ham, and homemade "I love Rick" posters. 

Denver Wartes.

District Manager of the Low Country (Savannah, Hilton Head, Bluffton, Charleston). Denver has an impressive collection of nonfunctioning automobiles. Denver's interests include: boiling denim, eggs, and living la vida loca.

Jessica Nash.

Manager for our Gatlinburg, TN location. Jessica was the original Foofa from the hit television show Yo Gabba Gabba! until an untimely wardrobe malfunction caused one child in the audience to lose his innocence. Jessica's interests include: drum circles, beating Russ in ping-pong, and trying to fold a piece of paper more than seven times.

Brandon Warren.

District of Eastern Florida. In a BGIE dance contest, Brandon would win on technique and actual skill. His interests include: redecorating his house every six months, buying every wine glass he sees with chrome metal accents, watching American Horror Story and the Real Housewives (shows he believes could change titles), and modeling in front of wood fences. 

Erick King.

Exhibit Specialist for BGIE.  Erick is the tri-county Pog champion runner-up three years straight!  Erick's interests include: public transportation, adequately aged cheeses, and pleather underwear.


Generally, your artwork is built and shipped within 1-5 days from ordering. These times may be slightly longer depending on the time of year (November-December may take longer). Please check our Facebook and/or Twitter pages for updated holiday shipping estimates. We pride ourselves in delivering your product extremely quickly! Shipping times will vary depending on destination and mode of shipment requested. Shipments are typically sent from South Carolina. You may also refer to our UPS Ground Transit Time Map, Here, for a more actuate estimate to your destination. (As of 6/7/17)

Yes, we do offer Expedited Handling for an additional $10 surcharge, which essentially puts your order to the front of the line and guarantees that it with be assembled and en route to its destination withing 1-2 Business Days. Though, it will still ship via UPS Ground (1-6 Business Days for Transit time). If you have a special circumstance that you needs your order shipped ASAP, via Air or require a Saturday Delivery to meet a special occasion, please contact us directly at 843-645-6915 and we can see what faster shipping rates will cost. You may also refer to our UPS Ground Transit Time Map, Here, for a more actuate estimate to your destination. (As of 6/7/17)

We do have a licensing program for those businesses that meet a certain criteria.  If you are looking for a great opportunity to sell customizable artwork, email us at ryan@bgie.com for details!

You can contact us at orders@bgie.com or 1.800.244.3123 with any questions regarding your order.

As of right now we only ship to the contiguous 48 US states.  If you would like a piece shipped outside of the US, or to Hawaii/Alaska, please email us at orders@bgie.com for a quote.

I purchased your artwork at one of your retail locations, but decided to not get it framed.  I have since changed my mind and would like to order just the frame and the glass.  Can I do this, and how much would it cost?

This is the most common question that we get about our business.  If you are in this situation, rest assured that we will take care of you because as we all know, getting your artwork framed by a local framer usually costs an arm and a leg.  If you would like to buy only the frame/glass, the cost would be $10 per letter, plus shipping and handling ($15 flat fee within the continental US).  If you would like to do this, you can order the frame, glass, and backing board through our website via our Frames Only tab.

Yes, we use quality glass for our frame sizes 3 letters through 9 letters. For our large frames (10, 11, and 12 letters) we may substitute the glass for plexi glass in order to provide safer shipping and to better assure that the artwork arrives with no damage. The plexi glass also makes the artwork lighter, allowing you to handle it and hang it much easier. All of the Wedding/Event frames use plexi glass in order to ensure safe shipping and handling.

We do offer a discount for individuals ordering 3 or more fully framed pieces of artwork.  For more information about multiple order discounts, please email us at orders@bgie.com before you place your order to receive a discount code.  We also offer discounts and promotions throughout the year, so make sure to check out our twitter and facebook page for current offers!  If you have already placed your order we unfortunately cannot alter the charges.

Currently, customers are not required to pay sales tax.

We do not sell the letter photographs by themselves online. Some of our retail stores may sell individual photos.

We ship all of our artwork using UPS.

Since every piece of artwork is custom made to order, we unfortunately cannot accept returns. If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with the finished product, we do offer a 7-day exchange policy, minus the cost of shipping. This policy also applies to all of our retail stores.

You can have between 3 - 12 letters in your name or word.

The photographs are 4” x 6”. All of our photographs are professionally printed on either Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper or the Fuji equivalent. All of our photos are printed on a semi-mat paper and have 100-year life.

Our unique letter photographs have been taken all over the world. Our owner, Ryan Martz and our Photographer and Creative Director, Ryan Lanzel take each and every photograph themselves. These photos are available either through www.BGIE.com or through one of our many retail locations.

The size of the frame depends on the number of letters in your name or word. The sizes below are for outside dimensions of the frames.  The width of the frame depends on the type of frame chosen.  Typically the frames measure 1.5" to 2" in width.  Approximate Sizing (outside)

3 Letters = 11” x 17”

4 Letters = 11” x 22”

5 Letters = 11” x 26”

6 Letters = 11” x 30”

7 Letters = 11” x 34”

8 Letters = 11” x 38”

9 Letters = 11” x 42”

10, 11, and 12 Letters = 11” x 50”

Wedding/Event frames measure:

3 & 4 Letter = 19" x 27"

5 & 6 Letter = 19" x 36"

7 & 8 Letter = 19" x 44"

9, 10, 11 & 12 Letter = 19" x 55"